80's Fancy Dress Costume Ideas Madonna

Published: 27th April 2010
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Madonna will always been an 80's icon and she was someone responsible for quite a lot of the fashion trends in the 80s. Madonna is a great idea for an 80s fancy dress party and what better outfit to choose than the Like A Virgin costume.

This 80s fancy dress costume is not too difficult to achieve and what you need to do is combine the look she had in her Lucky Star video and the look she had in the Like a Virgin video. You can find plenty of pictures of these styles on the internet and most good fancy dress stores will be able to help you out too.

Below are some of the main elements that you will need for your Madonna themed 80s fancy dress costume.

The first thing that you will need to do is tie your hair up using a big ribbon that is tied in a bow at the top of your head. Madonna wore a white one so I would opt for this colour too. You hair also needs to be wavy and wild so if you don't have this you can buy an 80s style wig.

You will also need some very heavy eye makeup. Madonna used browns for eye shadow and heavy black eyeliner and mascara. She also had the trademark mole which you can pencil on and bright red lips.

Next up you will need some lace fingerless gloves and lots of bracelets. Studded leather bands were a staple favourite and these were in black and red with about four being worn on the one arm. Other bracelets were black rubber bands. Dangly earrings were another favourite of Madonna in this era and hearts and crosses were her favourite. Your earrings shouldn't match and one should be bigger than the other. Don't forget to add a couple of necklaces too. Crosses were a favourite of Madonna and a string of fake pearls.

For the Like A Virgin 80s fancy dress costume you will need a bustier top or a black tank top if you prefer. This should be paired with a mesh skirt, some leggings in black or white depending on your top and finished off with a pair of ankle boots.

Madonna had some amazing looks during the 80s and you can use any of these for your 80's fancy dress costume. The cone style bra is something that you probably won't want to go for but it is still an option for anyone who is feeling a bit outrageous.

There is a lot to choose from if you decide that you want to go as Madonna for your 80s fancy dress party. Madonna has some great looks in the 80s and these ranged from punk rocker looks to the cute girl from next door. The choice really is yours.

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